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Busy Little Donkey Hooves

It looks as if spring is here – the weather has warmed up, and there are buds and little leaves on the trees and bushes in my patio, promising a lovely flowery time to come.

And I should have said all this last week – because, as I sit here now, the little leaves and buds are but a memory, having been devastated by donkeys Miss Katie and Miss Sarah, both of whom were surprised by Danny on the patio, dining at leisure. Not only did they totally devour all the buds on my roses, but they also managed to destroy all other new growth by the simple method of seizing the poor little plants by the hair and dumping all the soil out of their pots. Then, if it proved delectable and edible, it was devoured – if not, it was disdainfully flung on the ground and trampled by busy little donkey hooves. Continue reading

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What a Show This Will Be!

You know that Arizona is on the national map when the New York news channels start talking about the awesome spring flowers that are about to appear! Generally, especially with the weather news, we are, to put it in cow vernacular, sucking on the hind tit. Are there storms in the east? More than well covered. Frost in Florida … heat wave in Chicago …mud slides in California… you bet you hear about it…. global warming, global cooling, long and short summers – we are treated to it all, as long as it doesn’t concern the south west. Perhaps they think we are still a part of Mexico, before the Gadsden Purchase? Continue reading

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The Sonoita Cowboy

As I am sure all of you know by now from my last two postings, we have had wonderful rains this January, totaling to date an exciting 4.8 inches, which should make for some spectacular spring wildflowers. Some of the moisture came in the form of snow, and, as much as I hate to be cold, I thought that the attached photo of the cattle ranch headquarters under snow is too beautiful not to share with you. Continue reading

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In Loving Memory of Rio

I guess life isn’t always sunshine and roses – having as many four legged friends as we have, it comes to us more often than to most of you to have to say goodbye to one of them. This happened a while back to us, when a much loved horse called Rio went to the pasture in the sky. Continue reading

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Joy, Health, Love and Peace

Deluxe Chaparral Casita at Grapevine Canyon Ranch

Our Deluxe Cassita — The Chaparral

I hope your New Year is going as well as ours! We are making progress in all areas, including a massive clean up of not only accommodations, but also of the public buildings, barn, maintenance and corral areas – what better way to start a new… Continue reading

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The Ultimate Ranch Vacation by Nancy Gates

On previous trips to the ranch Nancy has been joined by her daughters Dawn and Debra; as well as her sister Millie and Millie’s granddaughter Brittanie.

While on the ranch; Nancy has completed horse camp and riding lessons in addition to the trail rides and day trips.

Barn Boss Adam mentioned to me today that Nancy now has a cutting horse.

Grapevine Canyon Ranch is excited to have Nancy return to the ranch Continue reading

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This Surely Must Be Heaven by Connie Keys

Connie has been on the ranch 8 times since 2000. Her most recent visit was March of 2009.

Connie is from Indiana and enjoys spending the winter months in Sunsites. (in folder she spends winters in Sunsites)

This Surely Must Be Heaven
By Connie Keys

Where does the sun shine bright, the beauty of the south west show its grace and life makes you want to keep on living? I call it Continue reading

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Grapevine Canyon Ranch by Gene Joy

Gene Joy submitted the essay titled: “Grapevine Canyon Ranch” on Feb. 14, 2008

Gene first visited the ranch in 1994. He resides in Loveland, OH.

Grapevine Canyon Ranch
By Gene Joy

Grapevine Canyon Ranch was the fulfillment of my childhood fantasies. Growing up in a suburb of Cleveland doesn’t get one in much contact with the West except through Hopalong Cassidy and the Lone Ranger. Someday I had Continue reading

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And Yet It Spins!


And so here we are, with the spring round up and branding done, and now heading into the summer. It always amazes me, in spring time and then in the fall, how the fast spinning of the earth is demonstrated by the mornings, which seem to come so early so quickly, and then reverse in autumn. Here we are, light at 5 am and it seems that not long ago Continue reading

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Pretty Weeds!

Tequila the horse at Grapevine Canyon RanchI suppose that you will get tired of my crowing about the grass, but you can’t imagine the annual tension at the end of each June, waiting to see if it will rain – and the overwhelming joy when it does! And in the next edition I’ll be able to show you some Continue reading

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