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The busier I am, the behinder I get

It seems that, as some character in a comic strip once said, the busier I am, the behinder I get!!

The last of the calves were shipped, following the September round up, and I must say that for once we were not too unhappy with the price – the only miserable thing was that the heifers, which looked so good, went for a much lower price than the steers… Continue reading

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Animals With Reason

Those of you who have recently seen our home page will have seen the YouTube segment on the ITV1 segment of Martin Clunes’ most recent series about the relationship of man and horse. The segment was made here some months ago, and I remember it as a great few days spent with truly charming people. Martin, though a big star, was the easiest person to be with, and the whole… Continue reading

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Martin Clunes at Grapevine Canyon Ranch

I hope you are all out there scurrying around with Santa, getting those last minute gifts!! When my parents were alive, we used to celebrate Christmas at their house in Tucson, and often my sister and her family would come from New York to help us celebrate. Those were great days, but they Continue reading

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Man’s Relationship With the Horse

I can’t even begin to imagine that it is almost Christmas again! Admittedly, in Arizona we are spoiled by almost constant good weather, which is not all that cold except in the early mornings, and the time between turkey day and the New Year seems to whiz by with the speed of Continue reading

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