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Books Sitting There, Waiting For Me

So the annual excitement is about to begin, or I should say, has begun already – and I mean the watching for, hoping for, praying for thunderstorms and the monsoon rains.

I have to agree with the often voiced opinion that the weather patterns are changing, and that we are indeed in an ongoing drought. I only hope it’s not like the one that drove the ancient people from here in the 1400s, which apparently lasted for forty years! It was so different in the early 70’s, when I had first arrived in Arizona, and my ex-husband and I were managing a large farm – I remember spending many a time balancing on top of the loaded wheat trucks, trying to cover them with heavy tarpaulins in the face of gusty winds, fighting off the thunderstorms and slanting rain. Continue reading

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And Yet It Spins!


And so here we are, with the spring round up and branding done, and now heading into the summer. It always amazes me, in spring time and then in the fall, how the fast spinning of the earth is demonstrated by the mornings, which seem to come so early so quickly, and then reverse in autumn. Here we are, light at 5 am and it seems that not long ago Continue reading

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Best Antipasto

Here is another recipe from one of our guests Steve Rabin. Thanks Steve! This looks like another great dish!

Remember folks, if you want your recipes, guest diaries, etc. to appear on the blog, please send them to Ben, the webmaster and he will post them! Take care!



1 head of red leaf lettuce
1 six and half ounce can of solid white tuna, in oil
16 paper-thin Continue reading

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