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Doomed to Decry Those Who Come After Us

Difficult to believe that here it is, another December, another Christmas! And this December, Arizona seems to have forgotten that it is supposed to be winter – apparently the desert is subscribing to the current theory of climate warming, and is taking its time about producing our normal cold, freezing mornings.

And then, perhaps it’s waiting Continue reading

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Ranching Until Sanity is Gone

So I was all set to whine about the dry lake and the disaster on the pasture when the wettest summer in years came along – so exciting!! It began with some tremendous downpours on the Flats, where it filled up all the tanks to overflowing, so no more worry about having to get the tractor to drag the cows out of the ooze – horrible job, and so worrying… Continue reading

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Dragoon Soldiers

            Over the past year or so, we have had “history evenings” at the ranch, and I generally begin with the reason why our Dragoon Mountains are so called.  They were named after the dragoon soldiers, who were mounted infantry. The dragoons rode their horses to the enemy, and then dismounted for the battle.  The command of “Horses Continue reading

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