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Rodeo Days

I would say that fall is definitely on the way – the cottonwoods in the canyon are turning that lovely shade of bronze, and the other day, while driving across the top of the Chiricahua mountains, we drove through groves of sycamores, surrounded by some sort of plant which was the loveliest shade Continue reading

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And Yet It Spins!


And so here we are, with the spring round up and branding done, and now heading into the summer. It always amazes me, in spring time and then in the fall, how the fast spinning of the earth is demonstrated by the mornings, which seem to come so early so quickly, and then reverse in autumn. Here we are, light at 5 am and it seems that not long ago Continue reading

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Finding The Good

You know those awful junk phone calls you get?? I just got one which still has me puzzled. The man said “Gerald Searle, please” (pronouncing it as you would the word “early”, instead of, as it should be, like the word “pearl” – which always annoys me most unreasonably). I said “I’m sorry, he’s deceased”. And he said, “Oh, OK, we’ll try later.” Hello??? Perhaps Gerry is coming back? That Continue reading

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The Butterfield Trail

Photo taken by Preston Sands. Used with permission.
Thank you to Hike Arizona for allowing us to use this image of the Butterfield Trail.
The Butterfield Trail ArizonaLast time I talked about the Spanish settlers’ early encounter with the Apaches and the history of the San Bernardino Ranch, which took us to the early Continue reading

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Dragoons Culture

Did you know?? In our history snippet, let me tell you a bit about the early Indians who lived here, about 1200 to 600 years ago, the Dragoons Culture. They were a bit like the Anasazi or the Hohokam tribes, but enough different that they merited their own name, the Dragoons Culture. They were agriculturalists, and lived in villages, one of which was about ¼ mile east of my house Continue reading

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Dragoon Soldiers

            Over the past year or so, we have had “history evenings” at the ranch, and I generally begin with the reason why our Dragoon Mountains are so called.  They were named after the dragoon soldiers, who were mounted infantry. The dragoons rode their horses to the enemy, and then dismounted for the battle.  The command of “Horses Continue reading

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Arizona Part of Mexico?

As a regular feature, I thought I would share with you each time a little snippet of local history. 

So – did you know that our part of Arizona very nearly wasn’t Arizona, but Mexico??  When, following the Mexican-American War, by the treaty of Guadalupe-Hidalgo in 1848, the United States acquired the rest of the west which had not been

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