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Ranch Holidays In Arizona, Riding in Apache Country by Claudia Simon

Ranch Holidays In Arizona, Riding In Apache Country
By Claudia Simon

After a week sleeping on the ground sharing a classroom I was looking forward to luxury. A small cabin in the Arizona desert for me alone, 3 provided meals and HORSES, horseback riding everyday in the beloved desert. Grapevine Canyon Ranch is a guest and cattle ranch in the southeast of Arizona in Cochise County, about 1.5 hour drive from Tucson Continue reading

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Time of Little Eagles

It looks as if spring has come in the high desert – we had a bit of rain, the grass is greening up, and the trees are leafing out. To me, though, the most exciting thing is that after many droughty years when the manzanita bushes didn’t bloom at all, or the blossoms shriveled up before they could set fruit, it looks as if this year the rain came at Continue reading

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Slaughter Ranch

I talked last time about the Dragoons Culture people, who disappeared from here around 1450 AD and archeologists aren’t really sure why. One theory is a 40 year drought – and, having experienced a 12 year one, which we fervently hope is ending, I can certainly appreciate that. The other theory is that they were driven out of here by the Apaches, who were gradually moving down here from the Continue reading

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