An apology from Benny the Webmaster of Eve’s Blog

Dear All,

As most of you are already aware and some will be aware, this blog was unfortunately hacked and thousands of erroneous SPAM posts went out and inundated your inbox. For that I cannot apologize enough. I have fixed the problem and be rest assured, I am making all necessary steps to prevent this from happening again.

I wish to thank you all for being such loyal followers of Eve’s blog and I wish you all nothing but the best always. My sincere apologies again.


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5 Responses to An apology from Benny the Webmaster of Eve’s Blog

  1. Thanks Benny….Good to hear they got busted and Eve is ok ;)

  2. Eve says:

    Thanks, Ben! I just spent about 10 minutes getting rid of all the rubbish off my e-mail, and alongside you, I also apologize to all of you whose e-mails were hacked. What an awful world we live in! It seems as if there are too many people who exist only to make others’ lives miserable, if not to say dangerous. The fruits of a too permissive society!

  3. Jenny Childs says:

    I foolishly clicked on their link to the first one.Is this going to cause me a problem?

  4. Eve says:

    Hi all,

    First, please allow me to clarify, no email address was hacked — just this blog. This unfortunately happens all the time to blogs. There are many moving parts in a blog and it is relatively easy for someone to hack it. Let me assure you all, when I say “hacked” I mean that someone figured out how to access the posting mechanism of the site and when I say “someone” I mean a computer program actually ran by someone. The SOUL purpose of these “attacks” are to create posts with dozens upon dozens of links which in turn fuels the black search engine optimization organizations. These people (who eventually get caught) manipulate the system to drive false traffic to sites in the hopes of catapulting these sites to the top of Google. It works albeit briefly.

    @Jenny, no, this is not going to cause a problem if you clicked on the link. The sites being linked are actual sites trying to manipulate the system and it is sad that there are entities out there who enjoy trying to take over private blogs for this sort of gain.

    This site is locked down hard and I am working with the host’s security team to identify and block any and all holes in the hopes this never happens again.

    Please note that although the problem has been fixed you may see remnant emails coming your way and again I apologize profusely and sincerely.

    Any other questions or concerns anyone may have, please post and I will answer as quickly as possible.


  5. Jenny Childs says:

    Thank you. That has put my mind at rest. They do seem to have stopped now. I got about 400 today!
    Too many nasty people out there.

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