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First Flight

Writing the last blog it occurred to me that perhaps some of you may want to know more of my background, which was, if I say so I, rather varied.

I was born in Europe, but spent my formative and young years first in a boarding school in the Himalayas of British India, then in Karachi, Pakistan, where I had to learn the language of Urdu, then in Bombay… Continue reading

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Having a herd of cows can cause you some worries, like when it doesn’t rain, or when they climb through the fences and take up camping six miles away on the local golf course, or at any one of a million other times – but sometimes they sure give you a good laugh!

Our first time heifers have begun to calve… Continue reading

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What a lovely world we live in, when we can share it with other creatures!

When you live on a ranch there is certainly ample opportunity to observe animals and birds in their natural habitat!! I was thinking that only today while watching my collection of birds competing for the daily ration of bird seed outside my window. Some time back it had occurred to me that my living room window was an ideal place for several bird feeders, and so, in quick succession, a… Continue reading

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A tribute to a friend….

I imagine that by now you are all convinced that I have either died and gone to heaven or left for balmy climates elsewhere! So sorry for the long pause – and, not as an excuse, but as a reason, I want to tell you that the pause was entirely due to the fact that I am now the lucky occupant of not one, but two chairs at Grapevine –… Continue reading

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