Staff Blog: Bonnie St. Clair

Bonnie St. Clair

Bonnie is also one of the “tried and true, many years here” staff. She first came to the ranch in 1991 as a guest, returned as a guest in 1993 and 1994 and then decided to stay. She held a couple of different jobs at the ranch over the years, but the one where she absolutely shines, and where all of you know her, is as Reservationist Supreme (as we like to call her) at the front desk.

Did you come here in 1995? She will remember you! Did you come in 1999 and what was your then dog’s name again?? You may not remember, but she will! Bonnie is interested in others, and so has a phenomenal memory for people, their kids, their pets, their jobs, their history – you name it! As a consequence she is a computer in human form. No need, for me, to rack my brains, or to shuffle through five filing cabinets of six drawers each! No need at all – just pick up the phone or walk over to her desk and say “Bonnie, do you remember…..” and before I’m a third of the way through the description, she will say “Oh yes, that’s Paul, and his last name is… and he live in… and his wife’s name is….. and his dog’s name…..” Aaarrrgh!!

About 2 years ago Bonnie decided, due to circumstances I don’t need to go into here, that she was stressed, and she needed to leave the ranch. It was awful – not only had I lost my friend, but I also lost my brain – and we lost the best reservationist we ever had or could have. For two awful years we stumbled through a fog with various ladies who did their best, who were, in many cases, pleasant and efficient, but who were lacking that magic brain. Luckily, changed circumstances at the ranch enabled her to return – and life is sweet once more!

So – if you need to come and visit us in the year 2011 and you decide you want the horse you rode in 2005 …. if you want the accommodation you had then, but you can’t remember what it’s called, gosh darn it! …. if you wonder if we remember your dietary restrictions, and the fact that under no circumstances can you eat anything that had been even in remote contact with peanuts ….. rest easy, we do! Not because I am so smart, but because Bonnie is here!

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3 Responses to Staff Blog: Bonnie St. Clair

  1. Patricia says:

    Bonnie or Eve,

    I am looking for employment.
    Gift shop or house keeping…
    I can even shovel when it comes to cleaning behind others. Mostly those with four legs. I will need to live on property. I seek full time.
    Can’t find ‘Employment’ on your home page so decided to take a quick chance and contact you this way. Appreciate hearing from you.

  2. Kay Cooper says:

    I am having problems getting your website to work to find information on visiting the ranch. I was a guest several years ago and loved every second of it. Please e-mail your calendar/reservation information. Thank you

  3. Eve says:

    Hello, Patricia and Kay,

    Sadly I have to tell you that Grapevine closed as of April 30th this year. The reason was partly the economy but even more the fact that I have no heirs and I need a rest! I wish you both the very best of luck.

    You can find another ranch if you go to the Arizona Dude Rachers’ Association web page, at

    Again, all best!!


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