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The Piñata Tree

I guess when you live in a place where time stands still – and I hear it does that, for the guests – then, by a law of nature, it has to speed up for the rest of us, right?? Because for me, it sure flies – I can hardly believe that round up is over, the calves are with their moms on the Flats east of the headquarters, and… Continue reading

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Masquerading Cheese

It seems that every year the dates of the annual round up come earlier and earlier – or is that a sign of age?? Actually, this year the date has come earlier, as we moved our spring gather forward. Consequently we will be branding calves a month sooner than usual, and then, later in the year, selling them a month sooner also, hoping to beat the rush to market by the rest of the ranching community. Continue reading

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When Horses Grow Old

To my mind, one of the drawbacks of having a guest ranch is the inevitable aging of horses. I always think it’s so sad that animals should become old so much more quickly than we do – witness all the beloved dogs and cats that one has had over the years. Not fair that they live a mere fraction of a human life! Dogs, popular wisdom says, age seven years Continue reading

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