I had been listening, for some time now, to countless people extolling the virtues of something called a Smoothie – and, seeing that it’s something to eat, and so is always of interest to me, I investigated further. It appears that one can make this concoction by using frozen fruit and good stuff like yoghurt – but I am sure that you all know all about it!

And I was pondering on this when a good friend of mine arrived to visit from Canada, and somehow the conversation turned to diets and to Smoothies. And, she said, there is a wonderful appliance for this, called a Magic Bullet.

I pricked up my ears – why a special appliance? Wouldn’t an ordinary blender do the job just as well? It was gently explained to me that the Magic Bullet was a) just one serving, therefore, b) easy to fix, c) easy to apportion, d) easy to clean, as you apparently turn the thing over when it’s done its smooshing job, and it becomes the drinking cup. I must say that the last sold me – minimal to wash, that’s for me! So I inquired where this wondrous object could be bought and I was directed – by the almighty Google – to the company website.

There I could indeed purchase the Magic Bullet, at the price of $50, but – there is always a but – you could only buy two at a time. I put in the order specifying only one. It came back, and insisted I had to buy two – and pay $45 shipping to boot – so now we’re up to $150, give or take a bit. And I didn’t want two – just one more to store some place, taking up space. So I e-mailed the company and asked, did they expect them to break, and so do they make you buy two so you have a handy replacement? The answer came back that … of course not! they were just running a “special”. A special which I didn’t want anyway.

So I decided to venture forth into the market place and get the damn thing at the local Walmart, that source of all things needed and not needed. On Monday morning I climbed into my car and waded out through the temporary sea of mud on our road, to visit the Benson Walmart. And of course, they didn’t have one. Not only they didn’t have one, but, adding insult to injury, they informed me that they’d had about six, and, only last week, as they didn’t sell (evidently the good citizens of Benson are not specially health minded!) they put them on “special” marked down to $16! (from $50), and, when they still didn’t sell, they packaged them off to some goodwill mission – in Africa, for all I know. So – wouldn’t that make you spit! I got the nice man in customer service to phone the Walmart in Sierra Vista, thinking that I might trudge the additional 100 miles round trip – really awful what your mind will do to you when you determine you really, really want something! They didn’t have it either – the place in Africa must be wallowing in Magic Bullets!

So Danny offered that when he and Bonnie are next in Tucson, they will look for one at Target for me. And then sanity intervened. I went to Amazon, which is, like Walmart, the trusty place and gentle purveyor of all things I need and think I need, and, lo and behold! One of their vendors had some Magic Bullets, brand new, for $41.95. I placed the order (for one), and with the speed of light, an e-mail came back from this efficient seller telling me that my Magic Bullet had shipped!

And then I got to thinking. That first evening, when I returned from Benson, I had lumped home a goodly collection of frozen fruit and yoghurt and other healthful stuff … just looking at it made me burst with energy! So that first evening, I found my old, big, (perfectly functional, though, mind you!) food processor, and with bated breath blended my first Smoothie concoction. I had made enough for ten men, so it took a while to eat, but it was good. However, the next morning, the thought of firing up that food processor, and then laboriously cleaning it, had lost its charm, so after some thought I put all the fruit into a cup, added the yoghurt and presto – an excellent Fruit Lumpy – and nothing to wash, nothing to blend, no muss, no fuss. So I got to thinking – and eventually, meandered onto the thinking path of the Magic Bullet inventor. Mooshed fruit is good, yoghurt is good, and it could be put into a blender, or even mooshed with a fork, but ….people are lazy. Idea!! Make a mini blender, call it a fancy name, tell them it’s easy to wash, and charge $50! Presto!! So why can’t I get good ideas like this!

And meanwhile, back at the ranch, we are taking advantage of the very temporary lull before the spring madness hits (and it will, as April is almost totally booked out and March is well on the way to being so), we decided to fix the roof on some staff accommodation. To this end, Carlos and Danny tore into that roof and took it off. They found that there were actually several layers of roof up there – over the years, additional layers were put on top of the old, often not too well, but … here’s the kicker! The part that was the hardest to get off there was the original roof put on that building about 1982, by Gerry! He built things to last, that he did! The building was originally our hay shed and our tack room, then later it was converted into staff quarters, but whether he built a hay shed or a palace, Gerry always did a good job!

It reminded me of a time when he took out a trail ride with a little boy on it – this was years ago, when we still took children. I think I wrote about this not too far back someplace, so if you’ve read this before, feel free to skip this bit. Anyway, little Davey was too young to hold the reins himself, so Gerry ponied his horse. They got up to Grapevine Pass, which is kind of high, and Gerry turned to Davey and said: “Well, Davey, I did this just for you!” And Davey, a bit green around the gills, said in a little voice, “Well, Gerry, you didn’t have to do so much!” To think that little Davey is today over 30, and perhaps has a little Davey of his own! Anyway – this was just to illustrate that Gerry always did things properly!

This is just one example of the beautiful roses growing at Grapevine. This yellow rose is growing just outside the cook shack near the patio.

And tomorrow, I have been told by people who know nothing about roses, that, as I am the only one who does know, it is time to prune them – so I am going to issue forth armed with gloves and clippers and make the place beautiful.. I have almost been beat to the punch by the resident herd of deer, who have totally depredated the pride of my life, the huge, old jasmine climber on the wall of the Adobe Cabin – it is totally bare up to deer head height – so I also ordered a spray bottle of some sort of deer deterrent. Sure hope it works – if not, as I told Anne, she will have to station herself at her window with a gun and let them have a peppering of buckshot! I mean! As if it’s not enough that they eat on our hay stack, and eat the cattle hay at the house and deplete the cows’ pasture – but now my jasmine! Love can only go so far……


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