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You Mean the Game is Over?

Ount in the Country

Out in the Country

About two years ago I became a member of a very informal women’s group, and we meet once a month for the best of reasons – to eat! Hence, we generally meet at some eatery or other, and we have tried many over the years. An East Indian restaurant… Continue reading

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Busy Little Donkey Hooves

It looks as if spring is here – the weather has warmed up, and there are buds and little leaves on the trees and bushes in my patio, promising a lovely flowery time to come.

And I should have said all this last week – because, as I sit here now, the little leaves and buds are but a memory, having been devastated by donkeys Miss Katie and Miss Sarah, both of whom were surprised by Danny on the patio, dining at leisure. Not only did they totally devour all the buds on my roses, but they also managed to destroy all other new growth by the simple method of seizing the poor little plants by the hair and dumping all the soil out of their pots. Then, if it proved delectable and edible, it was devoured – if not, it was disdainfully flung on the ground and trampled by busy little donkey hooves. Continue reading

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I had been listening, for some time now, to countless people extolling the virtues of something called a Smoothie – and, seeing that it’s something to eat, and so is always of interest to me, I investigated further. It appears that one can make this concoction by using frozen fruit and good stuff like yoghurt – but I am Continue reading

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What a Show This Will Be!

You know that Arizona is on the national map when the New York news channels start talking about the awesome spring flowers that are about to appear! Generally, especially with the weather news, we are, to put it in cow vernacular, sucking on the hind tit. Are there storms in the east? More than well covered. Frost in Florida … heat wave in Chicago …mud slides in California… you bet you hear about it…. global warming, global cooling, long and short summers – we are treated to it all, as long as it doesn’t concern the south west. Perhaps they think we are still a part of Mexico, before the Gadsden Purchase? Continue reading

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