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The Life of a Vaquero

How time flies when you’re having fun!! Our fun at the moment is more rain – following on from last week’s news. So far we have had 3.70 inches for January, which may not seem much to you, but to the high desert it’s bounty indeed. When the first day’s rain was over, I rode up to the South Fork Tank, high up in the Noonan Canyon. Predictably, it was… Continue reading

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Indian Days

And so, guess what – news, news! As I sit here, it is raining! And you wet land rats, who probably grump at the sight of a cloud in the sky, don’t realize what a blessing it is, to us in the high desert, to get some rain! It has rained for a day and a bit now, and in that time we got over 2.50 inches of rain, and the tanks in the Flats, which were all empty but one, have filled up with just this one bonanza! Just as well, as if they hadn’t, we had every prospect of having to water the cattle out of our domestic well, not a very nice thought at all. Continue reading

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In Loving Memory of Rio

I guess life isn’t always sunshine and roses – having as many four legged friends as we have, it comes to us more often than to most of you to have to say goodbye to one of them. This happened a while back to us, when a much loved horse called Rio went to the pasture in the sky. Continue reading

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Joy, Health, Love and Peace

Deluxe Chaparral Casita at Grapevine Canyon Ranch

Our Deluxe Cassita — The Chaparral

I hope your New Year is going as well as ours! We are making progress in all areas, including a massive clean up of not only accommodations, but also of the public buildings, barn, maintenance and corral areas – what better way to start a new… Continue reading

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Happy New Year!

What else can one say on January 1st of any year but a great big HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ALL!

For our part, we had an awesome New Year’s Eve party – the best for many years, if not ever. The ranch was booked out, so that’s always nice, but the party itself, our second in the new building, had a great air of buoyancy, optimism and a sense Continue reading

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