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We had a lovely evening at the ranch the other evening – a couple of our wranglers were celebrating their wedding anniversaries, and the staff threw a party for them, complete with cake, champagne and flower bouquets. And, to add more spice to the affair, we also had a newlywed couple from Ireland here on their honeymoon, so the room was fairly swirling with Cupids and roses!

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And now to the news – we have finally come into the techno age with a flourish, and for those who want a quick tip on to how to find out what is happening at the ranch (and not to have to wait for slow old fashioned me), check on Twitter at gotoranch. And those of you who know our erstwhile front office gal Bonnie, who still presides over the Thursday night jollities and who is such a good dancer, check out her Twitter address at Twitter magnoliaaz – as she undoubtedly is, a magnolia, I mean! So – Twitter us to see what’s happening every day, and keep in touch the modern way! (Ouch! Sorry!)

And – for our international guests, and travel agents, to make communication a lot easier, we are launching ourselves on SKYPE!! As you probably know, Skype calling is free when both parties have Skype accounts, and there’s nothing easier than to set yourself up on this. Not only that, you can add a camera, and both parties can see each other while they chat. Is that awesome technology or what!! So – look for the Ranch on Skype!! The address is grapevine.canyon.ranch Linda, our friendly front desk reservationist extraordinaire, is always happy to chat!!

And I guess the other piece of important news is our 2010 rates. Those of you who have gone and checked them on the home page have probably noticed that they are a whole lot simpler than in the past. The reason is that we have made them ALL INCLUSIVE – and I mean, all inclusive – meaning, accommodation, food, horseback riding, taxes, gratuities, the whole nine yards. So there is no longer any need to sit and calculate – this is what it costs, this is what I have to tip, this is what the tax is ….. none whatever. The rate is … the rate. It is all you pay, unless you choose to enjoy additional activities such as team penning, or join a cattle round up – and if so, the cost for these activities is clearly spelled out.

And a few reminders …..

Cactus Jack, one of our beautiful, friendly horses at the Grapevine.

Cactus Jack, one of our beautiful, friendly horses at the Grapevine.

If you have dietary restrictions of any kind, do remember to let us know, so the kitchen can make the necessary plans. We are a long way from our suppliers, and it’s good to know ahead if someone can only eat fish, for example.

If you are a return guest and you have a favorite horse, do let us know ahead. We will make every effort to have him/her for you, with the exception of their vacations. As you know, our horses work 5 days or 15 hours, whichever comes first, and then they get a day off in the corral. Then, after 5 weeks, they get a week off, to run free on 200 acres on the cattle ranch – and they know very well when that time comes around, they look forward to it, and we feel it’s as important to them as our vacations are to us.

If you would like to share a casita with a friend, let us know also. The casitas are two separate rooms with sleeping arrangements in both, with a separate access to a shared bathroom – so, comfort with economy!!

Finally – if you ever have a question, do call us, on SKYPE (grapevine.canyon.ranch), e-mail, or an old fashioned phone, at 800 245 9202. We love to hear from you!!

Crane Watching at the Playa

Crane Watching at the Playa

And now, to round this off, we are having an exceptionally lovely November. It still hasn’t frozen properly as yet, the days are sunny and the evenings spectacular, with clear skies and brilliant stars! The weather is perfect for riding, and the hot tub is welcoming, though the pool is decidedly not!! Good riding, hiking, sightseeing, and bird watching weather. And, talking of bird watching, our famous sandhill cranes are back!! They settle around here close to the ranch at the Willcox Playa, and also at a spectacular spot called the Whitewater Draw near McNeal, some 35 miles from here – a lovely little lake of many inlets and beautifully constructed viewing platforms with binoculars, where a birder can sit and view for hour after magic hour!

Come and see for yourself!

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