This Surely Must Be Heaven by Connie Keys

Connie has been on the ranch 8 times since 2000. Her most recent visit was March of 2009.

Connie is from Indiana and enjoys spending the winter months in Sunsites. (in folder she spends winters in Sunsites)

This Surely Must Be Heaven
By Connie Keys

Where does the sun shine bright, the beauty of the south west show its grace and life makes you want to keep on living? I call it Grapevine Canyon Ranch, located 85 miles south east of Tucson. You’ll feel more like it is home or wish it was before you leave.

The day begins with the sun shining over the mountains, wranglers saddling horses, and the smell of breakfast, your choice, coming from the Cook Shack Dining Room. Take a morning ride, if you squint you can almost see the Apaches riding the mountains tops. If you’ve never ridden before, you’re in for a treat. We’ll match you to just the right horse for a great guided ride through the most amazing view of the desert.

For those who wish to experience a greater view of this great earth, take the all day ride, pack your lunch, get your canteens and get ready to ride the Chiricahua Mountains, Cochise Stronghold, Dragoon Mountains or a ride through historical Ft. Bowie. If you choose to just relax, come sit by the pool, enjoy the hot tub, do some sight seeing in Tombstone, watch the re-enactments of western days of the past, or just enjoy getting on the deck of your cabin or casita.

Your stay includes 3 mouth watering meals – if you need a special diet, let us know, we’ll take good care of you!)

The evening includes relaxing on the porch, exchanging stories of your day’s adventure, with your host Eve and staff. Enjoying a history lesson of how Grapevine began, listening to the Grapevine Band, and learning the two step if you like. There’s so much to enjoy it will make you want to stay. Just look to heaven to see the big western sky, more stars than you can count. Like I said – this surely must be heaven.

For more information call Grapevine Canyon Ranch 1-800-245-9202
or visit our web site for your personal view. See you soon!!

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