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Xylitol Can Be Fatal To Your Pet!

Just a short note today, mainly to acquaint you all with a really bad situation if you are an animal lover – and who, amongst us, is not!

The other day Jen, our marketing and office manager, and the loving owner of a cute little miniature teddy terrier called Ozwald, called me frantically in the middle of the night, wanting to know if I had the home number of our veterinarian.

What Continue reading

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And Yet It Spins!


And so here we are, with the spring round up and branding done, and now heading into the summer. It always amazes me, in spring time and then in the fall, how the fast spinning of the earth is demonstrated by the mornings, which seem to come so early so quickly, and then reverse in autumn. Here we are, light at 5 am and it seems that not long ago Continue reading

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