Staff Blog: Danny St. Clair

As I am always getting so many compliments on the staff of Grapevine, I thought it might be of interest to acquaint you a little with them. I am going to take them in order of their length of time at the ranch, and this makes Danny the first:

Danny St.Clair

Danny, the cowboy at Grapevine Canyon RanchDanny is the cowboy of the outfit, and strictly speaking, he works for the sister company, the cattle ranch which surrounds Grapevine, the Cobre Loma Ranch, known by all employees as “the CL”. He has been with the ranch for 26 years.

Danny was born in Korea, and was adopted by a local farming family when he was six years old. His father farmed cotton and ran cattle, and Danny learned from an early age what it is to drive a tractor, fix equipment, ride a horse, and work cattle.

He is a talented guitar player and singer, and wrote many original songs. He plays at the Grapevine every Thursday evening and, of course, on New Year’s Eve and other special occasions. He is generally accompanied by Dave, a talented musician who plays about seven instruments, all of them well, and who is also the comedian of the outfit. I’m sure that everyone who has shared in this Thursday night of laughter will remember Dave’s famous “Sock Trick”!

Danny, the cowboy at Grapevine Canyon RanchAt the Cobre Loma, Danny does all the things the modern cowboy has to know how to do – checks the cattle, fixes fence, works the round up, drives the trucks, trailers, and tractors, does the welding and repairs where needed, and is generally indispensable, both at Cobre Loma and at Grapevine, where he occasionally also lends a hand. He says he “enjoys working in a great outdoor environment” and what keeps him at the ranch is his “commitment and loyalty to the ranch and the other staff members to make sure it all works for all concerned”.

His fondest memories of special moments at the ranch, he says, are learning new things, and his memories of working, learning and laughing with Gerry – and, above all, the fact that here he met his wife, Bonnie, who came as a guest, and later joined the staff of Grapevine’s front office.

Danny is a great stabilizing influence at the ranch – he doesn’t get upset easily, he thinks before he speaks, he doesn’t gossip, and he is a great history buff. If there is a past date or event you want to know about, ask Danny – he has probably read about it, researched it, memorized it and considered its effect on the present day!

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9 Responses to Staff Blog: Danny St. Clair

  1. Kim Adair says:

    Danny is one of my favorite cowboys at Grapevine. He is a lot of fun and is quite a joy to be around. It is obvious that he enjoys his job and life in general. What a snake at Spoons!!I miss him.
    Kim (Margaritta whanta lope…)

  2. Jerry Cox says:

    Great write up about Danny! He is everything the article says and more. I will remember forever my week’s visit to the ranch with my family…… was one of the best weeks of my life! The entire crew made us feel like family! And yes the spoons game was exciting! The best to Danny & all of the crew! (Remember Danny, you were going to call me if you & Bonnie ever come to eastern NC….much history here you know!) Jerry

  3. Chris Kynaston says:

    Ive never had the pleasure of playing Danny at Spoons – how about it this September? There – the challenge is laid down!

  4. Eve says:

    Chris – challenge accepted, on behalf of Danny … but you may be sorry!

  5. Sarah says:

    Hi Folks,

    That must be a recent picture of Danny. I got to know Danny well over the years I was in Arizona. Him and Bonnie are great people.


  6. Eve says:

    Sarah, how nice to hear from you!! Wish you were coming back – we miss you!!

  7. Debbie Behrens says:

    I have known Danny for over 40 years. He will always be one of my favorite people.

  8. Jesse Greenberg says:

    Howdy to Danny, one of my favorite people. That smile of his and the joy we both experienced when I joined in the harmonies he and Ferne created are still among my happiest memories of Grapevine.

    Ride on, ol’ cowboy Dan!

  9. Elizabeth A. Leopold says:

    Great link! I am looking forward to future postings!


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