Saying Goodbye

We’ve had lots and lots of interesting guests over the years – an unforgettably beautiful girl from Ethiopia, a tall guy from Mongolia, a lady from Madagascar, a few from Russia, and of course, lots of Europeans, many English, recently quite a few Scandinavians – but for the past two weeks we had a couple who particularly interested me and enchanted all staff and guests – two sisters from the Czech Republic. This was the land of my birth, and even though my Czech is a bit rusty and I am sure I annoyed them by always asking them to repeat everything they said, we had a great time. They are both about 6 ft. tall, with stunning figures and beautiful faces, in their twenties, full of laughter, and interested in everything that’s going on. At the same time we have a guest from Australia, my other native country, a great guy who’s been here before, so I felt right at home with all three of them. It’s always so difficult, this saying goodbye to people you get fond of in a short time! I’ll be saying goodbye to the two sisters tonight, as they leave early tomorrow morning, and to my Aussie friend at the end of the week. But my lovely Australian stepdaughter and friend are arriving on Wednesday, and I look forward to a couple of fun weeks with them. You have to be tough to be in this business – always saying goodbye to people you get fond of. I guess that’s the flip side of this fun enterprise, though.

So I will end, and I promise lots of wildflower photos next time!!

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7 Responses to Saying Goodbye

  1. Barb and Kate says:

    Dear Eve. It was for us something amaizing to be on ranch and met you there. And of course all the fantastic people. Strasne nas potesilo co jsi tu napsala. We very often thinking on you a mluvime o tobe with sister. Slysely jsme co se stalo a je nam to nesmirne lito. Byl to uzasny clovek. We wish you the best. And lot of luck uz by konecne mohlo byt jen to stesti. We like you a lot and hope we will come again and see you with ALL SUPER STAFF.

  2. Eve says:

    Dear Barbara and Katie – I love your comment and I love the way you mix the two languaages!! That is about the way my parents and we kids used to talk at home!! Whatever language comes to mind first! And … napsala jsem neco o Jimovi tak se podivejte na privatni stranku!!
    And I also think that you really don’t language – we’ve often had people from foreign countries who didn’t speak a word of English, but we managed to communicate – perhaps better and more honestly than if words had clouded the emotions.

  3. Eve says:

    And Tamie and Lou – sorry you were sad, but, as you say, imagine my end of it all!! The only consolation is that people do come back and it’s great to pick up where we left off!! Enjoy today!

  4. CONNIE KEYES says:

    Just wanted to say, the sad good-bys open the Doors for the Wonderful Hellos! connie

  5. Feathers says:

    G’Day Eve,Just read what the Czech girls had to say(or tried to read it) & the emails that I have got from Barb & Kate,when you read them it’s just like sitting round the pool,hearing their lovely accents.Not like us Aussie’s we don’t have an accent by CRIKEY.Feathers.

  6. kate and dan O'connor says:

    We had a fantastic time cried when we left as it is such a special place even got engaged up the mountain so I will always hold Grapevine close to my heart. Recommend it to anyone ….

  7. Caroline and Andrew Howells says:

    Dear Eve, sorry to hear you are selling/sold Grapevine Canyon Ranch.
    We came to you for our honeymoon in 2000. You and Gerry and Family and not fortgetting staff, made our stay perfect. We watched John Wayne and other cowboy movies growing up here in Blitey, and to have the chance of spending time on a real ranch was just a fantasy, but we got the chance and we chose to darken your doorstep, you welcomed us like long lost friends and made our stay fantastic. We were both gutted when we had to leave for home, you told me, if we could stay, my husband Andrew would make good hand around Branding time, as he was a big bloke that would be good for holding the cows legs, and told him you had a great Dental plan, if he could have, he would taken the offer. He still says he loved to be out there on a horse watching over the cattle and in that vast country scenery you have at Grapevine. Well we wish you and everyone the very best for the future, and thank you again for a fanstic holiday we had with you.

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