Pretty Weeds!

Tequila the horse at Grapevine Canyon RanchI suppose that you will get tired of my crowing about the grass, but you can’t imagine the annual tension at the end of each June, waiting to see if it will rain – and the overwhelming joy when it does! And in the next edition I’ll be able to show you some of the wildflowers that are beginning to explode all over the pastures. 

I know what Gerry would say – “weeds!” – because to him, anything a cow couldn’t eat was a weed, which I always thought very soulless. But, I must confess that today one of my riders asked me what some pretty little white flowers covering the sides of the trail were called, and, as I had no idea of the botanical name, I had to tell her they were…. weeds! But pretty weeds!

We rode over the Marlboro Trail, first made, many years ago, for a group of people brought here by the Philip Morris Company of Germany, in the days when cigarettes were not only smoked, but still freely advertised. I was amazed at the changes in the trail since I last rode it, only about a month or so ago – BR, before the rains. What a difference these make –the trail is now overgrown by grass and other, sharp and stickery plants, and we also encountered a downed branch of an oak tree, solidly blocking the trail. There was no way around it, as there was a collection of very sharp agaves and other cacti right alongside, and so there was only one thing for it, to break the branch off. As I don’t dismount unless in dire straits, I did this on horseback. What a horse my Tequila is! He not only stood still for all the ruckus of breaking wood over his head, but also backed up, moved sideways, forward, back, into whichever position I needed him in order to do my trail clearing work. It’s not perfect by any means – my riders were tough enough to wade through it, but many wouldn’t be, so we will have to go back and do more, but it did a good temporary job. I told Tequila “What a horse!!”

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3 Responses to Pretty Weeds!

  1. cathy burger says:

    Eve, I thought about you and the ranch last night as the weather channel said Benson/Tombstone were getting blasted with heavy rains.

    And Tequila, well…buy that horse a cold beer!

    Love to you all, CATHY

  2. Monica Christensen says:

    Eve, PLEASE brag about the rains and the weeds. As a Tucsonan since 1983 I can appreciate what a transformation these summer rains can bring. I am not so sure those from other parts of the globe can appreciate what a flash of lightning, the following rumble of thunder and the patter of rain on the roof can do to the heart of desert rats like us.

    Can’t wait to ride through the weeds in September with all of you! See you then,


  3. Eve says:

    Monica, you have really encouraged me!! I truly feel that the green of the desert is an annual (we hope!) miracle but have wondered if people don’t get sick of me talking about it – but thanks, I will!

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