Welcome to the official Grapevine Canyon Ranch Blog.  Here, Eve will post the latest news from the ranch.

Now Sit back and relax and catch up on all that is happening at the Grapevine! 

Eve’s latest posts beginning with the most recent:

Eve&Comanche_smallThis has not been a good month for me, even though the rains came on time, and so far we have had a comfortable 3 inches in a week. Normally this would have made me very happy, except that the thing I have been dreading for some time has finally happened – my great friend, and beloved companion of many years and… Continue reading

I really can’t imagine where my time goes – to think that once I had time for Gerry, Grapevine, the guests, the office, Comanche, Tequila, Scotty, Clementine, the goats … I guess it proves the old saying that work expands into the time Continue reading

Dear All,

As most of you are already aware and some will be aware, this blog was unfortunately hacked and thousands of erroneous SPAM posts went out and inundated your inbox. For that I cannot apologize enough. I have fixed the problem and be rest assured, I am making all necessary steps to prevent this from happening again.

I wish to thank you all for being such loyal… Continue reading

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