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How the West Was Once and Still Is

Nestled in  an enchanting wooded canyon, Double R Ranch at Grapevine Canyon enjoys a worldwide reputation for its tranquil atmosphere, friendly, personalized attention and excellent horseback riding on 64,000 acres of spectacular country.

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HORSEBACK TRAIL RIDE: ESCAPE IN THE AMERICAN SOUTH WESTWhat people are saying about Double R Ranch at Grapevine:

By Elaine E.,
General Manager
Bookmans Sports:

From my mount, I looked over the expanse of light colored grass dotted with the occasional clump of mesquite when it hit me — the absence of the hum. You know the hum, that constant drone of tires on an interstate half a mile away, the dryer thumping in the back room, computer fans and florescent lighting. The quiet around me on the trail ride was only cut by the sound of the horses. A deep breath of the cool air at 5000 feet brings with it the appreciation for life that only a well spent vacation day provides. [Read entire post]